„Strangers” Reunion Dinner and Mini Food Trail

indeed food brings people together and this can be a great time for stories. for children too!

CalvinTimo | Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Won’t it be awkward to have a group of strangers gathering over dinner?  Well, not quite.  Me being a typical Singaporean who enjoys delicious and healthy bites, must say that food brings people together and it is the easiest way to bond and strike up a conversation.

Last week, I caught up with a few friends whom I’ve not met for a month (although it felt like a long time) over dinner at this indie café near Spottiswood Park which Fenny recommended.  Together with Conan and Angie, we went headed down to Strangers’ Reunion that’s located a stone’s throw away from her former workplace.  It was a dinner to celebrate her last week of work too!

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