Day 10- Delicious Rome

this is such a wonderful idea, I also plan to this in Bucharest soon!

Kelly Bullington Photography

In an effort to do something less touristy and to appease our taste buds, we choose a food tour. Wow! It was fantastico! I’ll have to elaborate later. And of course my camera was busy. So it will be a delight to blog for days about this tour. Paul found it googling food tours in Rome. Our guide is an American who has lived 4 years in Rome. We spent about 4 hours traveling an old neighborhood area meeting and tasting from generational food artisans. It was enjoyed by all!! Tiramisu, aged Parmesan, pizza, pasta, bruschetta, gelato to name a few. Needless to say, dinner didn’t happen at the close of the day. We were so full. BUT we managed gelato. Expanding Paul’s list. My three favorite flavors from last night were yellow plum, sage with raspberry, rosemary with honey and lemon. Wilson notes that he liked his basil with…

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